About the Author

Ashley Dzama is an avid reader and writer.  This blog, For the LOVE of Books! has been created for the express purpose of conveying those two mediums. If there isn’t a novel within reach, then something is terribly wrong. Whether it be mystery, romance, historical, absurdism, contemporary fiction or non-fiction; she doesn’t discriminate. If it entertains and provides a good escape from the real world, then she finds the book to be worth the read.

Ashley has two publications in an online journal: “Why We Do Not Kill: A Discovery of the Influences on the Abolishment of Capital Punishment in Canada” and “The Canadian Forestry Industry: A Change in Perception.” The former has also been published in a work of legal theses titled Essays in Comparative and International Law. She is also working on numerous projects, which include a non-fiction piece as well as a fictional mystery; the progress of these two projects will be covered on this website.

Ashley has a Double Concentration Honours Degree in Law and Justice and Political Science, and a  Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation from the University of Liverpool. While trying to find her workplace niche, she constantly has dreams of being a real-life John Rebus, Cormoran Strike, Cordelia Gray and Jane Rizzoli. Unfortunately, she feels that she would be like a number of detectives in mystery novels; the ones that realize the true identity of the killer a second before they get hit by the shovel …

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