Your Other Contributors

Occasionally Ashley runs in to people who are as ridiculously bibliophilic as her own self. Sometimes these poor souls are asked to contribute their thoughts on their own literary adventures to “For The Love of Books”. The regret they live with haunts them daily.

Rebecca, another reader with an esurient and insatiable appetite for novels (among other things) and an old friend of Ashley’s, has no degree to her name but is one hell of an autodidact when it comes to fiction and the English language. A sucker for plotless fiction and novels where she has to sit with three dictionaries open, she never turns down a recommendation from a friend and despite the highbrow predilection still enjoys romping through mystery novels, comic books, and science fiction. No matter where on the brow-scale the novel, she still enjoys a good fart joke–if it’s highbrow and has fart jokes, all the better–and she regularly pokes fun at her own masochistic taste in literature. She will not make fun of you for enjoying Twilight, but she will expect you to return that respect in kind.

An avid writer/hack and a perpetual idea generator, she writes as a hobby and has been working on ideas for fiction pieces on and off; currently she’s pursuing a script for an experiment-of-a-graphic novel. Her misadventures may or may not feature on “For the Love of Books”: she should really just get her own blog for shenanigans. She’s terrible at naming things. She also apologises in advance for her use of the British ‘s’, the overabundance of semi-colons, and sending you to a dictionary far too often. Really, I’m sorry about that.