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I’m not the most technical person around, so this is as close as I can get to a site navigation section.

Within this site, you will find anything and everything related to books and writing. As I get more time to blog and gather more ideas, I hope to have a series of sections and post themes for every interest (pertaining to books) out there.

For now, you can look forward to the following:

  1. Book Reviews: I am constantly reading, so not only will you be able to see what book I am currently reading, but you will get a review (good or bad) once I have finished it. This will most likely be the biggest post theme as I always have a book with me.
  2. Notable Authors: Everybody has their favourite authors and as an avid reader, I am always looking for new authors to try. As such, I think that when we find a gem of an author, it is our responsibility to share the joy of reading them with our friends and family. I have numerous favourites that I have been reading for years and I have some new finds as well. So every time I feel that an author is worthwhile, I will devote a post to them. In the near future, there will be posts dedicated to the following authors: Chelsea Cain, Philippa Gregory, Ian Rankin, and Diana Gabaldon, among many others.
  3. Adventures in Authordom: My current goal is to become a published author. I am currently writing a number of books (because I can’t seem to just focus on one idea and work on it!) So I will blog about my experience in writing a novel. Everything from writer’s block; to finding a voice; to making something that is personally interesting, interesting to an audience, will be discussed.
  4. Movies: I know, everything so far has been about books and writing. But have you ever heard, or said, ‘Well, I’ll just go watch the movie instead.’ Those lovely and numerous movie adaptations which sometimes take a book and do it justice or sometimes slaughter it to pieces. For any that I have seen AND read, I will give my personal opinion as to whether the book was more worthwhile, or whether the movie was better.
  5. Anything else book related: Self-explanatory but anything that doesn’t fall within the above-noted themes, will be discussed as well: book news that should be posted again; upcoming reads that I cannot wait for; and the list goes on.

If you think I should read a book, then let me know! Like I said, I never turn down a book! If you have a notable author that you see I haven’t yet read, pass it along! Recommendations are always welcome!

NB: As contributors to this blog, Rebecca and I have come to find that not all books, although great, warrant a review. If you suddenly see that our ‘Currently Reading’ boxes have changed but a review doesn’t follow, this could very well be the case. It is in our plans at the end of the year to go over the books read, which will include quick comments on those that we haven’t reviewed.

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