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The 2015 Reading Challenge – In Review

Last year, I thought it would be a grand idea to try the 2015 Reading Challenge: a list of prompts that would allow one to read 52 books. In the beginning of the year, I went all out with excitement determining what my reading list would be; I had the books separated from my gigantic TBR shelves and was all prepared to completely blow this thing out of the water. Looking at the 2015 Reading Retrospective, you would think that by having read 102 books, I totally did blow that challenge out of the water. Read more…

Reading Retrospective 2015

Well this year was a busy one regarding life in general; despite that, I managed to have a record-breaking year for reading books! I thought 80 books in 2013 was amazing. Thinking that I wouldn’t be able to come near that, I set my goal for 60. I blew that out of the water by reading 102!! Mind you, a lot are graphics novels (very quick reads for me), and many are free Ebooks found thanks to Still, a good year. Read more…

Stress Relief

Well everyone is talking about these adult colouring books. Being on strike, it’s difficult for me to go out and get one, but I did remember that I had a copy of Wreck This Journal. I’ve pulled that out and am currently working on a few pages.


I’ll post my ‘art’ whenever I finish a page! Hopefully I’ll be a little less stressed as well!

Geekdom at it’s Best: FCBD 2015

If only there was a day in which nerds could unite and walk around town in cosplay and get free stuff… wait a minute! Free Comic Book Day!! May 2 was my first foray into FCBD and boy was it an amazing experience. Read more…


Who doesn’t agree?

The choices so far:

IMG_3626Managed to work through my book shelves of books not read, and found some great choices for the 2015 Reading Challenge List.

A few of the choices so far: Read more…

Prepping for the 2015 Reading Challenge


Ciara is making her For the LOVE of Books! debut as she watches me match a few books with the prompts from the 2015 Reading Challenge list.

New Years Resolution/Goal: Book Style

I will certainly be giving this list my best effort next year! It actually looks like it can expand one’s reading and get people interested in different novels or authors. It also may get some of those books that have been sitting on my shelf, finally read!

The Best Canadian Novel. OF ALL TIME.

I admittedly do not read a lot of Canadian authors. Just don’t seem to click with the stories being told … I, strangely enough, had already heard of this novel. The best Canadian book of all time, ladies and gentlemen, is hopefully more than what meets the eye; because what it is on its face, is an erotic tale between a 27-year-old woman, and … a bear.





We’ve entered the world of Tumblr!

If you have a tumblog and love books, please check us out! We are getting closer to fully accepting the 21st century! Social media, here we come!



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