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Quick Thought Review: Graphic Novels (9)

This is a short one, but it’s been sitting as a draft for months and I now feel terrible that I haven’t completed it. So here we go! A few Batman reads (of course) and a fun and light read with magic! Read more…

Review: Sense & Sensibility

Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen

Audiobook read by Nadia May

I love Jane Austen. She is one of the few classic authors that I have given a 5-star rating. Pride & Prejudice is one of my all-time favourite classics; I have read it multiple times and I have seen all the movie and television adaptations. I absolutely love it. So I was quite excited to finally read Sense & Sensibility. 1) I was excited to jump back into anything Austen; and 2) It was going to be my first audio book. Sadly, it was not as good as what I had read previously. Read more…

Quick Thought Review: The Slow Regard of Silent Things

The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss

This is a strange story; it breaks all the rules, but that is what makes it good. It’s sweet, real and broken all at the same time. It’s for people that want to see the world in its truest, simplest, most complicated way. It’s about a broken character. And as such, as she would say, it’s for all of us that aren’t all quite proper true inside.


Read or Watch? The Killing Joke

Because this is already such a large post, I will give it a simple introduction. Ladies and gentleman… it is my pleasure to write a Read or Watch post on one of the most iconic Batman stories ever written: The Killing Joke. Read more…

Review: Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

This is more of a discussion than a review, because in my opinion, this piece deserves nothing less than a 5 star rating even if someone doesn’t finish it. You open the work to the first page and it deserves 5 stars. This may seem like a crazy statement, but I shall explain. Read more…

Review: The Moonstone

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

I can honestly say that The Moonstone probably would have sat on my shelves, unread, for a number of years had it not been chosen by someone else for me to read. This is what I get for being indecisive. A whopping 608 page classic, written in 1868. Surprising to me, was the fact that I did enjoy the novel. Touted to be the first and best of modern English detective novels, The Moonstone, certainly kept me guessing. Read more…

Quick Thought Reviews: Graphic Novels (8)

A few more graphic novels read and this time, a new series of comics. I’m definitely sticking with this one and cannot wait until the full volume gets published together. I want it all! Read more…

Review: Eden

Eden by Candice Fox

Usually a sequel is a little disappointing. This is especially the case when the first in a series, and debut novel for the author, is absolutely amazing. Reading Eden, I was slightly nervous. I wanted the amazing-ness to continue. This is a series in which I was already in love with the characters and the grittiness of the stories. I was not disappointed. Candice Fox delivered another 5-star read. Read more…

Review: We’re All in This Together

We’re All in This Together by Amy Jones

Amy Jones takes family drama to a whole new level with We’re All in This Together. The synopsis is short and sweet, but oh so intriguing: A woman goes over a waterfall; a video goes viral; a family goes into meltdown; welcome to the Parker family. Read more…

Review: The Night Circus

The Night Circus

It only comes at night. With zero warning. It leaves in just the same way. People are left spell-bound at what they see. It is true magic in every sense of the word; from the performers to the structure itself. This is The Night Circus. Read more…

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