My TBR Shelf is out of this world…

How does one tackle 200+ novels??

So it was about 4 years ago that I wrote a second post regarding my Bottomless Bookshelf and at that time, the list finished at 190. I’ve managed to knock a few off of that list, but 1) there are still books on that list I haven’t read, and 2) for every book I read, I seem to purchase 3. I clearly need a sabbatical from work.

I’m sure you can share in my dilemma (if we truly want to call it that), but there are books on my shelves that I don’t even remember what year I purchased them. They’ve been sitting unread for that long. The last purge I did, I donated 75 books and that didn’t even put a dent in the pile. It just maybe removed 2-3 boxes from the 46+ boxes of books that I packed and moved 3 times in the past two years. Good thing I love my books.

But I have reached a realization: there are books that I consistently pass over because I want to read the newer releases, or my favourite authors first. This leads, sadly, to books sitting on my shelf forgotten and ignored for years and years. Without some sort of help, these books may never be read. Let’s be honest, there are two many books to read in a lifetime and I want to give as many of them a chance as I can.

So I’ve developed a system, with the help of others, that will allow me to read, maybe not more books, but give those that have been sitting on my shelf for years a better chance of being read.

I call it:

Book Roulette!!


It’s basically a ‘pick a number game’ with one other person. And the rules are simple.

1) I have 8 bookshelves in the house. Person other than me picks a number between 1 and 8. That locates the shelf.

2) Bookshelves range between having 1 shelf and 6 shelves maximum. Depending on the bookshelf chosen from the first step, the next ‘pick a number’ will vary accordingly. If a bookshelf is chosen that only has 1 shelf, I shall skip to the next step.

3) Final step! Count the number of unread books on the chosen shelf and then next pick a number within that number of books. If this chooses a book in the middle of a series, I will chose the first book in the series.

With three easy steps, my next book is chosen and it’ll be a surprise every time! What’s even better; those poor forgotten book purchases dating back to probably 5 or 6 years ago, have suddenly a better chance of being enjoyed!

5162ZC14DFLThe book that was chosen, that sort of inspired this system was The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins, a novel, which I can certainly state as fact, that would have stayed on the shelf unread for many years. I tend to avoid classics as they take me longer to read. I have to say, though, so far I am enjoying the novel.

So that’s it people! I’m going to tackle some of these poor neglected novels and hopefully I will find some gems! I’ve also been very open to abandoning novels that do not hold my interest. I used to be the person that would finish a book no matter what, but seriously, there is not enough hours in a lifetime to waste on books that just don’t work for you.

I leave you with a picture of only three of my 8 bookshelves. Let’s get reading!!





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