Quick Thought Reviews: Graphic Novels

You know when you plow through six graphic novels in a weekend, it doesn’t leave much time for serious, long written reviews. I did have a few thoughts about each of them though. If you haven’t read any of these, they are all highly recommended.

51KCo2qydmL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Hawkeye Vol. 1 by Matt Fraction

I really enjoyed this one. Hawkeye seemed a little inept, but it was quite amusing to see how many bad situations he could find himself in. Loved the colour scheme of the graphic novel. One criticism would be if I hear or see the word ‘bro’ one more time I will lose my mind.

Joker_graphic_novel_CoverJoker by Brian Azzarello

This was crazy in true Joker fashion. A story that really has nothing to add to the Joker or Batman canon, but it was entertaining.

Batman_Life_After_DeathBatman: Life After Death

Jumping forward to when Dick Grayson takes on the Batman identity. Storyline was good although I figured out the true identity of the Black Mask before it was revealed. Art was absolutely gorgeous!

sex-criminals-vol-01-releasesSex Criminals Vol 1 by Matt Fraction

Loved this graphic novel! It was a lot more hilarious than I figured it would be. Art was awesome. Can’t wait to read Vol. 2 and see where this storyline is heading.

250px-WD-TPBCoverColor-largeWitch Doctor Vol 1 by Brandon Seifert

This graphic novel was recommended to me by an employee at Indigo; he sold it as Supernatural meets House, which is totally apt. It’s freaky yet hilarious. The art is gorgeous which makes it even more freaky. Love how Seifert has expanded the idea that all ‘monsters’ are of a parasitic nature. Takes on a modern day spin to the classic horror monsters. I also absolutely love how they changed the medic alert symbol into something a little more sinister.

latestBatman: Year One by Frank Miller

This was everything that others have said it to be. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to read it, as I’m a hardcore Batman fan. Story and illustrations are simple but powerful. It is pretty interesting to see how Miller developed the origin story of Batman and other characters, including Commissioner Gordon. You can certainly see how this graphic novel has greatly influenced movies and television shows.

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