Reading Retrospective

Okay, we’re going to admit it; we don’t review every novel we read. If we did, we wouldn’t have time to read all the novels we do. Plus, our reading lists are pretty extensive, all the other post themes would have to be ignored if we were to let you know our thoughts on every novel we’ve picked up. And there’s the other fact that some novels just don’t warrant one; yes, they may be good, but that might be the extent of our thoughts on the matter. So here is where we are going to let you know just what we have read. Once the end of the year has gone by, Rebecca and I will compile the list (no matter how large or small) of books we have read and post them here. If we’ve given them a rating, we’ll add it beside the title; if we have some comments, we’ll write those as well. This section is just what the title suggests: a look back on the year book-wise.

The following lists have been created:

  1. Ashley’s 2010 Reading Retrospective
  2. Ashley’s 2011 Reading Retrospective
  3. Ashley’s 2012 Reading Retrospective
  4. Ashley’s 2013 Reading Retrospective
  5. Ashley’s 2014 Reading Retrospective
  6. Ashley’s 2015 Reading Retrospective

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