Review: Crash & Burn

Crash & Burn by Abigail Roux

This book gave me feels. Major, major feels. 1) It’s the LAST Ty and Zane novel * sobs * 2) Abigail Roux is the queen of torture!!  I’m going to try and write something coherent, but I’m not sure how I will fare.

A little bit of background: there were zero hints to anything regarding this novel. Not a title, not a cover, not a synopsis, no minion torture: NOTHING. Readers just new the publication date. Some were angry, some were impatient. Honestly, now having read the novel, I’m happy I didn’t know anything about it. I’ve experienced Roux’s minion torture before (which can be equal parts hilariously awesome, and well, tortuous), and the minion torture for this novel would have left me in a corner sobbing with uncontrolled emotion. Not just little, lady-like sobs either, but gut wrenching, where are those noises coming from, sobs! I think I would have been too traumatized to read the actual novel.


I thought this novel would be a happy go lucky novel to send Ty and Zane off into the sunset. They’d get married, have babies, Zane would let Ty get some kittens, and everything would be sunshine and marshmallows. WHAT WAS I THINKING!? Do I remember Touch & Geaux!? Do I remember any of the other novels in the series?? I opened my Kindle and saw the title and my heart dropped: Crash & Burn. CRASH & BURN!! If you haven’t read any of the Ty & Zane novels (why are you then reading a review for the last novel in the series!! Go pick up Cut & Run now!!), then you should know that the titles are very fitting. Crash & Burn: a lot of fire, ash, death — basically s**t hitting the fan.  This is not a happy novel. I cried; I screamed; I destroyed my lip from chewing it in nervousness; I even stopped breathing at one point! It was like watching a train wreck happening. You felt hopeless.

Well … now that I’ve sort of calmed down, I can also say that Crash & Burn was happy (amongst the chaos, of course). It was cute and sappy, and it also made me smile like I was watching true love unfold in front of me. You know when you get that goofy little grin on your face because you are witnessing something that truly makes you happy? Yeah, that also happened; before I forgot to breathe.

Crash & Burn gives me some hope. Although it is the last of the Ty and Zane novels, I don’t think we’ll never see them again. This novel, as well as the last few in the series, has shown that Roux can carry a story line and a focus on particular characters, while also including so many more individuals. The whole gang was there in Crash & Burn; even Owen and Digger got more airtime then I think they’ve ever received. Fans will also already know about the Sidewinder series. So while Ty and Zane are no longer the focus of such stories, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Ty’s shenanigans and Zane’s puns. They are part of this family and they will remain so. I think Roux chose an appropriate time to end the Cut & Run series, without it getting repetitive. She went out with a bang. She didn’t disappoint.

Of course I will be doing another read of this novel. This review is being written after reading the ebook version. When I get that lovely hard copy version, I will have no choice (or willpower) but to do another read. I will then have to read the entire series all over again.

Roux was my first foray into M/M novels. She is now the standard in which I read other M/M novels. Ty and Zane were amazing characters. I loved every novel in their series, and I am now loving every novel regarding the rest of Sidewinder. I’ve laughed out loud, cried, screamed, stopped breathing, smiled/grinned until my face hurt, and felt my heart race with fear. Roux did all that.

And so in this final review that I will write focused on Ty and Zane, all I have left to say is: thank you Abigail Roux.

If you haven’t read any of Ty and Zane or are looking at breaking into reading some M/M, pick up this series. You will not be disappointed.

P.S. I just have to mention that my hunch while reading the first novel turned out to be right!! Yes, it didn’t come out until the 9th novel, and technically it was the wrong hunch in the 1st novel, but I eventually turned out to be right! BOOM!!

P.P.S. Keep an eye out for Chester Grady. One word. EPIC.

The Cut & Run series:

  1. Cut & Run
  2. Sticks & Stones
  3. Fish & Chips
  4. Divide & Conquer
  5. Warrior’s Cross (read if you want to meet characters that will eventually come into the series; this novel is not part of the Cut & Run universe)
  6. Armed & Dangerous
  7. Stars & Stripes
  8. Touch & Geaux
  9. Shock & Awe (the beginning of the Sidewinder series)
  10. Ball & Chain
  11. Cross & Crown (2nd novel of the Sidewinder series, but both of these novels flow with the timeline of the Cut & Run series)
  12. Crash & Burn

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