Review: Part & Parcel

Part & Parcel by Abigail Roux

It’s Nick and Kelly time!! This one came up as a surprise for me. I was just browsing my email when I decided to finally open the ‘What’s Happening at Riptide” email. Lately I’ve just been deleting everything. That then got me thinking that I haven’t looked at what was happening with Abigail Roux lately, one of my favourite (maybe obsessively favourite) authors. Low and behold a new book was coming out, publication date: December 21, 2015!! I always order her books through the publishers; often times I can get a lovely e-book/tangible book combo deal. And with Nick and Kelly, how can one person pass that up?? They might have surpassed my love for Ty and Zane, which is pretty huge. Sorry, Ty. Sorry, Zane.

Part & Parcel, the third book in the Sidewinder series, is so much feels; sometimes bone crushing, heart wrenching feels. The majority, though, is a good ole character development story; something that is not often there with Roux. As such, Part & Parcel is a refreshing surprise.

Starting immediately after the emotionally crushing events of the last Ty & Zane novel, Crash & BurnPart & Parcel is a story about the individual members of Sidewinder. It is their journey to healing. Sorry if this disappoints a few, but there are no explosions, bad guys or near death experiences. This novel is about each of the characters, with a focus on Kelly and Nick, of course, and how the break-up of Sidewinder truly affected them. One character in particular understood that these guys would not talk about their feelings with each other and, as such, would continue to hurt and build resentment. So in order to fix that, this character decided that a guy’s road-trip journey was required. I keep saying ‘this character,’ because you can probably tell that I’m trying to build up suspense! One of the reasons thatPart & Parcel is so heart-wrenching is because ‘this character’ is Elias Sanchez. If you haven’t read the rest of the series, what are doing reading this?? And how is that possible?


Elias Sanchez is the member of Sidewinder that we heard of briefly in the first of the Cut & Run Series, aptly named, Cut & Run. He worked on the serial killer case that Ty and Zane were partnered for when Elias was killed. He is the call that Ty missed and the reason he always answers his phone no matter the circumstances. He is the ghost that haunts every one of Sidewinder for different reasons. For Part & Parcel, he’s come back from the grave in the form of letters, in order to fix the team that was left broken.

I loved Part & Parcel because it was a story about the guys. We learn where they went after being disbanded, we learn about their struggles and we learn about all of their emotional crises along the way. Particularly Kelly and Nick struggle to heal the damages caused when they were simply friends; now being lovers, it adds even more emotional vulnerability to their situation. I also loved this novel simply because it wasn’t the action-packed novel that many of the others were in the Cut & Run series and the Sidewinder series. I mean, Roux can certainly pack a punch when it comes to her action sequences and she is good at writing the crazy, no holds barred, story. Honestly, I truly expected that for this novel. So it was a pleasant surprise when Part & Parcel turned out to be a down-to-earth character-driven story. After Crash & Burn, I have to say, I’m not sure if I could have handled another shit-hits-the-fan story. My nerves wouldn’t have been strong enough.

All that being said, Roux still made me bawl like a little girl at the end of her novel. Ugh, I don’t think I’ve made it through one of her novels without full-blown, heart-wrenching sobs. While it is not the most attractive thing (believe me, it isn’t LOL), I think it illustrates perfectly the level of emotional attachment that Roux has garnered for her characters. When they hurt, I hurt.

That is the sign of a great author. Roux, with Part & Parcel, you have done it again. You gave me feels, and I loved every minute of it.

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