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Reading Retrospective 2015

Well this year was a busy one regarding life in general; despite that, I managed to have a record-breaking year for reading books! I thought 80 books in 2013 was amazing. Thinking that I wouldn’t be able to come near that, I set my goal for 60. I blew that out of the water by reading 102!! Mind you, a lot are graphics novels (very quick reads for me), and many are free Ebooks found thanks to Still, a good year. Read more…

Review: Lover Mine

Lover Mine: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

Lover Mine is the highly anticipated eighth novel from J.R. Ward’s beloved Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Here we are finally going to get the story of the mysterious orphan, John Matthew and his love interest, Xhex.

The lead up to this novel has been long, since the second of the series, when John Matthew first shows up. The readers know a lot about JM, so there is very little that could be a surprise but J.R. Ward still delivers the punches, as always.

If you haven’t read the series, this is an author that you need to pick up. In the storm that the Twilight series created, I was looking for a vampire novel that was actually worthwhile. I’m a vampire purist; I like my vampires mean, dark, conscienceless and seductive. So, overhearing a conversation in the bookstore about a vampire series by J.R. Ward, I took the plunge. (I had actually, previously, picked up the first novel and seeing THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD, on the cover, I judged and put it back as something I wouldn’t like). How wrong could I be and blew through the first six novels in a week. The series so far is:

  1. Dark Lover – Wrath and Beth
  2. Lover Eternal – Rhage and Mary
  3. Lover Awakened – Zsadist and Bella
  4. Lover Revealed – Butch and Marissa
  5. Lover Unbound – Vishous and Jane
  6. Lover Enshrined – Phury and Cormia
  7. Lover Avenged – Rehvenge and Ehlena
  8. Lover Mine – John Matthew and Xhex

There is a lot going on in this series; beside the stories of each individual Brother; there is the battle with the Lessening Society (which is really too extensive to talk about without ruining anything); there is now the situation with Tohrment and Lassiter, the fallen angel; the situation between Qhuinn and Blaylock; and the situation now occurring with the Scribe Virgin. In Lover Mine, a lot of this is dealt with, some issues coming to an end while some issues became even more complicated. Because, in the previous novels, very little was given about Xhex, Lover Mine focusses a lot on background while dealing with the main issue (all I will say is Lash…). Xhex in the previous novels, came across as a very butch and brutal vampire/sympath. She didn’t come across as very female and so she was really fleshed out in this novel. She came to life on the pages and John Matthew, as always, was hard to ignore. He wasn’t my favourite character leading up to this novel, but he has quickly joined that list. (Butch, Zsadist, John Matthew)

There is one thing that I was a little disappointed with in this novel; there was a lack of the other Brother’s and their wives. You see Tohrment, Qhuinn, Blay and Wrath. Rhage pops in a little bit, but other than that, the other characters are vacant. I’m a complete Butch fan, and I didn’t get to see him! I think he showed up twice and then only in a couple of lines! That doesn’t make the novel bad; it was an amazing read! But it was very focussed on John Matthew and Xhex; maybe that was because so much needed to be set up in the story for it to actually work. I still missed the other characters but I wasn’t finding the story lacking by the time I reached the end. Despite that one issue, I have zero complaints, and Ward has definitely topped her other novels of this series. I cannot wait until the next novel; Lover Mine has set up a lot of potential stories and I don’t know which one I cannot wait for more!