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My TBR Shelf is out of this world…

How does one tackle 200+ novels??

So it was about 4 years ago that I wrote a second post regarding my Bottomless Bookshelf and at that time, the list finished at 190. I’ve managed to knock a few off of that list, but 1) there are still books on that list I haven’t read, and 2) for every book I read, I seem to purchase 3. I clearly need a sabbatical from work. Read more…

Review: We’re All in This Together

We’re All in This Together by Amy Jones

Amy Jones takes family drama to a whole new level with We’re All in This Together. The synopsis is short and sweet, but oh so intriguing: A woman goes over a waterfall; a video goes viral; a family goes into meltdown; welcome to the Parker family. Read more…

Quick Thought Review: A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and Inspired by Siobhan Dowd.

I wish I could do a full review on this novel, but I am an utter mess because of this book. A roiling ball of emotions. Despite that, I must say that everyone, young and old, should pick up this novel. All the stars. All the feels. Here is my quick thought review: Read more…

Quick Thought Reviews: Graphic Novels

You know when you plow through six graphic novels in a weekend, it doesn’t leave much time for serious, long written reviews. I did have a few thoughts about each of them though. If you haven’t read any of these, they are all highly recommended. Read more…

Review: House of Leaves

House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski


Despite an extensive reading repertoire, my choices do not really give me a lot of book cred. There are a few pieces out there that can earn a reader ultimate respect. I do think I should get a bit by having read Bear by Marian Engel (hello, bear sex), but I know that I kind of do my own thing when reading. It’s not very often that I join a fan base or cult following. If there is so much talk about a novel, I actually tend to stray as far away from it as possible. I guess I’m stubborn; I’ll read the book when I want to and not when everyone else says I should. Then, oftentimes, I forget about the novel and never end up reading it (case in point: Harry Potter). Read more…

Stress Relief

Well everyone is talking about these adult colouring books. Being on strike, it’s difficult for me to go out and get one, but I did remember that I had a copy of Wreck This Journal. I’ve pulled that out and am currently working on a few pages.


I’ll post my ‘art’ whenever I finish a page! Hopefully I’ll be a little less stressed as well!

I’ll Give it a Shot

1525016_10153392818664834_1809960859506695427_nAlright, I admittedly don’t read a lot of Canadian authors. Every once in a while one peaks my interest. Of course, this time, it has to be possibly the craziest book. Touted to be the best Canadian book of all time, see this post, Atwood also states it’s ‘as plausible as kitchens’, see picture above. I’ll give it a shot. Be prepared, this one is definitely getting a review no matter what.

Geekdom at it’s Best: FCBD 2015

If only there was a day in which nerds could unite and walk around town in cosplay and get free stuff… wait a minute! Free Comic Book Day!! May 2 was my first foray into FCBD and boy was it an amazing experience. Read more…


Who doesn’t agree?

The choices so far:

IMG_3626Managed to work through my book shelves of books not read, and found some great choices for the 2015 Reading Challenge List.

A few of the choices so far: Read more…

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