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Review: The Moonstone

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

I can honestly say that The Moonstone probably would have sat on my shelves, unread, for a number of years had it not been chosen by someone else for me to read. This is what I get for being indecisive. A whopping 608 page classic, written in 1868. Surprising to me, was the fact that I did enjoy the novel. Touted to be the first and best of modern English detective novels, The Moonstone, certainly kept me guessing. Read more…

Review: Eden

Eden by Candice Fox

Usually a sequel is a little disappointing. This is especially the case when the first in a series, and debut novel for the author, is absolutely amazing. Reading Eden, I was slightly nervous. I wanted the amazing-ness to continue. This is a series in which I was already in love with the characters and the grittiness of the stories. I was not disappointed. Candice Fox delivered another 5-star read. Read more…

Review: Hades

Hades by Candice Fox

Two children are kidnapped after their parents are brutally murdered in front of them. They are nearly killed, but are rescued and raised by a man named Hades: a criminal mastermind that specializes in ‘fixing’ others’ messes (i.e. bodies). They grow into very unique individuals, as well as very unique cops. Read more…