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Review: Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

This is more of a discussion than a review, because in my opinion, this piece deserves nothing less than a 5 star rating even if someone doesn’t finish it. You open the work to the first page and it deserves 5 stars. This may seem like a crazy statement, but I shall explain. Read more…

Review: Dead Wake

Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania

Non-fiction often reads like a textbook to me; it is a genre that, unless I’m truly interested in the subject, often times leaves me bored and I cannot finish the particular novel. As such, it is a rare occurrence when I say that I like and prefer to read a particular non-fiction author. This has to be an individual that is both informative and yet entertaining; someone that can spark renewed life into a historical event. For me, one such author is Erik Larson. Read more…

The 2015 Reading Challenge – In Review

Last year, I thought it would be a grand idea to try the 2015 Reading Challenge: a list of prompts that would allow one to read 52 books. In the beginning of the year, I went all out with excitement determining what my reading list would be; I had the books separated from my gigantic TBR shelves and was all prepared to completely blow this thing out of the water. Looking at the 2015 Reading Retrospective, you would think that by having read 102 books, I totally did blow that challenge out of the water. Read more…

Review: Gluten is my Bitch!

Gluten is my Bitch: Rants, Recipes, and Ridiculousness for the Gluten-Free by April Peveteaux

Nearly a year ago, I was diagnosed as a Celiac. That conversation was not fun and honestly, it felt like the end of the world to me. One day, I could eat whatever I wanted, and then the next day it was ‘stop eating everything!’ (Well it basically felt like everything). In order to understand what a Celiac feels when we get that phone call, go through your pantry and remove everything that has a form of wheat, barley or rye in it. Put it on the table. That? That is what we cannot eat. When I cleared my pantry out, it was 90% of the food that I had stored.

To say that I was mad was an understatement. I went from being mad at myself for being sick, to being mad at the doctors for finding this (why couldn’t they have left me alone for a little while??), to being mad at everyone else for being able to eat gluten (why can you eat it, but I can’t???).

Many people say: well go on the internet. There are support groups and self-help books galore! But you know what!? Sometimes a self-help book is not enough. Sometimes you just want to bitch about this shittiness! April Peveteaux, in her book, Gluten is my Bitch: Rants, Recipes, and Ridiculousness for the Gluten-Free gives those of us that have been told, ‘no more wheat!’ a moment to bitch. She allows us to say, ‘you know what?! This sucks! But we’re going to make it work!’ And sometimes? That’s exactly what we need.  Read more…

Quick Thought Reviews: Graphic Novels (3)

Another set of Graphic Novels have been completed! Most of these were because of the graphic novel group in which I participate. I don’t think I would have heard of them without them being the monthly picks! Read more…

Review: The True History of the Elephant Man

The True History of the Elephant Man: The Definitive Account of the Tragic and Extraordinary Life of Joseph Carey Merrick by Michael Howell and Peter Ford

I remember as a kid, my mother always putting on a movie about a severely deformed man and the doctor that tried to make his life as comfortable and as happy as possible. The line, screamed by the character, ‘I AM NOT AN ANIMAL! I AM A HUMAN BEING!’ has stuck with me years after. It wasn’t until I was a little older that I probably realized that this was a true story. I think it was when I found a novel about the man in my mother’s collection. That novel is the one that I have finally read and am currently reviewing. That man, known to many as simply The Elephant Man, was Joseph Carey Merrick. Read more…


Who doesn’t agree?

A weird tidbit from The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

“Among a list of measures effective for inducing vomiting, she included: “Injections of tobacco into the anus through a pipe stem.” p. 211.

A book about a serial killer ravaging the Chicago world fair in the 1800’s, and this quote stuck with me.

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Vacation Week Book Haul

Yes, my vacations are based around book shopping! Remember the list that I posted here? Well here is the turn out! 17 books in total: Read more…


Quick Thought Review: A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion

A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion by Ron Hansen

This novel is simply disconcerting, for a couple of reasons. Read more…

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