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Review: We’re All in This Together

We’re All in This Together by Amy Jones

Amy Jones takes family drama to a whole new level with We’re All in This Together. The synopsis is short and sweet, but oh so intriguing: A woman goes over a waterfall; a video goes viral; a family goes into meltdown; welcome to the Parker family. Read more…


Review: Shock & Awe

Shock & Awe and Bait & Switch by Abigail Roux

Pre-review: Release date November 11, 2013

Warning: This review will have spoilers regarding what has, so far, happened in the Cut & Run series (I’ll try to put in as few as possible). This is unavoidable, as will be explained. If you haven’t read the Cut & Run series up to the last published novel, Touch & Geaux, and don’t want to read minor spoilers, do not read any further. If you don’t care and are curious, read on! Read more…