The Works

We’re not just bloggers! Here is the place where we will provide you with our accomplishments, and/or those of our close friends and families. If you are interested in the works, please check them out!

  1. Essays in Comparative and International Law: A Canadian Perspective by Katherine Blunt, Meeka Tomasic, Ashley Dzama, Amanda Pino, Melissa Thibeault and David DeFrancesco Synopsis: This work is a collection of essays, which range in topics from Capital Punishment, the laws regarding water pollution, displacement and the concept of jus cogens under International law, the inadequacy of the youth justice system, and physician assisted suicide. All of these essays contain unique world views, from a Canadian perspective.
  2. My brother has finally reached his goal and has become an internet zombie! Check out the online comic strip The Zombie Hunters, and his debut here.

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